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DELTA Consult, Inc. founded DELTA GREEN ENERGY, Ltd. in 2009 for the purpose of implementing projects in the area of conversion of various types of energy in the most environmentally friendly ways possible and, at the same time, more efficient than similar solutions from the past.

DELTA GREEN ENERGY, Ltd. is a company with practical solutions concerning heat and electricity sources with a focus on higher economic efficiency while remaining eco-friendly.

In addition to operating a photovoltaic power plant, we are currently developing new thermal and combustion units for ecological disposal of various types of waste.

In order to achieve our goals, we cooperate with experienced experts in the form of fundamental and applied research, so that together we can bring new innovative solutions to old problems.

We believe that we can create facilities and procedures which meet the requirements of our current and future business partners, such as disposal of various types of waste with minimization of emissions, CO2, NOX, etc., construction of sources of power using solar energy in all forms - photovoltaics, solar heating, biomass, etc.



Container Energy Local System is a prototype device developed in cooperation with Technical University of Košice. The project’s ambition is to achieve such biomass combustion parameters, which can also dispose of unsorted municipal waste while meeting the present-day environmental and economic requirements.

Photovoltaic power plant

Fotovoltická elektráreňOur solar power plant was installed in 2011 in Prešov on the roof of a shopping center. All the energy produced by this plant is consumed by the building's operations with no excesses. What makes this power plant extraordinary is, among other things, the use of amorphous solar foils on a prototype construction designed by us, installed on a soft insulated roof.

Solar power plant for your house or company

We are preparing the realisations and constructions of small photovoltaic power plants for private houses and corporate buildings within Slovak Republic with a subsidy from the state. More information will be revealed soon.

Technical information about the realisation:

HUAWEI Inverters: Proved Performace & Quality in Europe
GreenTriplex PM245P00: Multi-Crystalline Photovoltaic Module

Delta Green Energy

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