Crisis management

Have you found yourself in trouble due to debt, low sales rate, personnel problems or the overall current or long-term downturn of the company? Is your company going through a crisis in another area? Have there been disagreements between the owners, problems with shareholders or creditors?

This is what you can expect from us:

Fast audit - analysis and identification of the biggest threats or loss of opportunities regarding cash-flow, legal deadlines and risks, media pressure, staff, business opportunities, etc.

Quick response - immediate implementation of measures that will reduce further decline and possible fatal consequences for the company.

Strategic audit - during impelementation of the of the previous steps, we will collect the necessary data and, with the owners cooperation, prepare a new strategy proposal in relation to the company's goals.

Implementation of the strategy - we offer complete support in the form of coaching, or with the client's mandate, we will take all necessary steps in full.

The fundamental criteria for evaluating the success of our steps and procedures is the results achieved in compliance with applicable legislation.

We successfully operated crisis management projects totalling €20 million, utilising a myriad of intervention measures, i.e. sales and marketing revitalization, personnel department audit and recovery, general restructuralisation, fusions, company acquisitions, splits, etc.

We will not be your "advisors", we will be your frontline soldiers. We will roll up our sleeves and get to work with you pulling you out of trouble. We have a full arsenal of tools and experience with the desire to work at your disposal as our client, maintaining complete discretion.

If you are looking for this type of service, you came to the right place.

Initial consultation with basic analysis is free of charge.

Contact us, we will not charge you for your first consultation along with the initial analysis of the situation.

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