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We assist our clients to find solutions for their problems and difficult business situations. Once we are acquinted with the circumstances, we are able to bring a perspective that our clients might not have thought of on their own. We love seeing the growth and prosperous development of our client’s companies and this is the reason why we continue with our work.

Marian Závodný, CEO

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Others will advise you, we will fix the problem.

Have you found yourself in trouble due to debt, low sales rate, personnel problems or the overall current or long-term downturn of the company?

Krízový manažment

We organise your paperwork.

Registry administration is one of the key activities of DELTA Consult, Inc. We started to concern ourselves with retention of records professionally in 1998 as one of the first companies in Slovakia who ...

Správa registratúry

We breathe life into good ideas.

Do you have a idea of a new business? Would you like to expand your current business to a completely new field? Do you have an innovative idea, but lack the necessary resources for its implementation?




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