DELTA Consult, Inc.


Our company combines several projects, companies and activities, which we either support in various forms such as investments, consulting, crisis management, or actively participates in their management structures.

We develop our projects in all areas of trade and services except armaments and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the wide range of our activities, we have constant access to new technologies, information and know-how, which we use to make further investments, but primarily in creating and promoting pioneering solutions to complex situations in various areas of our client's activities.

The companies in our portfolio employ more than 100 people. We own assets worth more than 10 mil. Eur. Our goal has always been and will forever be for the companies, projects and activities entrusted to us to prosper and flourish.

Naše holdingové spoločnosti

Delta Inkaso


The company DELTA INKASO, Ltd., in which we own 100% of the shares, is part of the DELTA Consult, Inc. group since its establishment in 1996. Through its activities, it creates effective support for the parent company's projects, but at the same time enters the receivables market as an independent business entity.


DELTA Consult, Inc. founded DELTA GREEN ENERGY, Ltd. in 2009 for the purpose of implementing projects in the area of conversion of various types of energy in the most environmentally friendly ways possible and, at the same time, more efficient than similar solutions from the past. 

MAX Servis Ltd.

DELTA Consult, Inc. took over (100% stake) in MAX Servis Ltd. in 2007 with the intention of seizing the opportunity we saw in the asset management market - facility management - especially for shopping centers and multifunctional buildings.


Spoločnosť RONAVA PLUS, s.r.o. zastrešuje developerské aktivity DELTA Consult, a.s., ktoré sú často súčasťou riešenia projektov reštrukturalizácie. RONAVA PLUS, s.r.o. sa zameriava na prípravu a realizáciu špecifických developerských projektov…

VUM Inc.

The manufacturing company VUM, Inc. has been affiliated in with DELTA Consult, Inc. holding company since 2008 as a project for implementation of our crisis management procedures. The parent company took the opportunity, and based on the offer of the previous owner, bought a 100% stake in its portfolio. 

VUM Carbon, Inc.

Preparations for this project are underway.

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