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The company DELTA INKASO, Ltd., in which we own 100% of the shares, is part of the DELTA Consult, Inc. group since its establishment in 1996.

Through its activities, it creates effective support for the parent company's projects, but at the same time enters the receivables market as an independent business entity.

Developer projects

DELTA INKASO, Ltd. provides supply and sale of land, construction of public utilities and private houses.

V prípade vášho záujmu o kúpu pozemku alebo domu z našich podnikateľských projektov v obci Špačince neďaleko Trnavy alebo v Trenčíne, navštívte našu stránku

Other activities

DELTA INKASO, Ltd. has operated on the receivables market since 1994 and works for clients in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Our experience and thorough knowledge of the legal and economic conditions in this field often allows us to find solutions even for extremely complicated cases.

A company or entrepreneur who would not get into a situation where the invoiced services or goods remained unpaid, even if only for a short time, probably does not exist. If such cases involve larger amounts of money, these situations may lead to difficulties with payment of own liabilities - secondary insolvency. And where such a situation persists and begins to threaten the company's survival, we come into play.

We aim to unburden our clients and create such conditions, in which they can once again focus on business and profit generation, and not on solving issues with their receivables. Our intention is also to help them get their company's cash-flow go back to optimal condition and to establish a healthy economy and smooth functioning of their business.

We are ready to do the same for you.

Our services

  • Purchase, sale and procurement of receivables
  • Collection of receivables through mandate agreements
  • Administrative enforcement of receivables
  • Receivables management
  • Development and implementation of receivables monetization alternatives
Delta Inkaso

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